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PAIN POLITICS is a podcast about pain relief, politics, and reform, and is hosted by Dr. Stephen Ziegler, a political scientist, pain scholar, and humorist. He is also CERPSA’s founder and director.


As a podcast, PAIN POLITICS seeks to amplify the voice of the millions of people who live with pain, identify the politics that can interfere with relief, and champions solutions that help improve lives. The show will evolve over time, but its central mission will be the same: the reduction of unnecessary human suffering by improving the way pain is treated and legal drugs are controlled. 


The weekly podcast will feature interviews and commentary along with an occasional dose of political satire (if indicated). Although the show is serious and focuses on serious topics, it also recognizes the historical ability of satire to help achieve positive reform and make information more accessible.

About The Host

Trained as a social scientist and as an attorney, Dr. Ziegler has dedicated his career to advancing the rule of law and the reduction of human pain and suffering in a variety of roles, focusing his most recent efforts on the evaluation of drug control policies, access to essential medicines, and the treatment of pain. He is a pain advocate, author, peer-reviewer for medical journals, research grant recipient, consultant, invited public speaker (domestic and international), professor emeritus, a former Mayday Pain and Society Fellow, pain scholar, and an experienced public servant in all three branches of government. He also has a sense of humor.


The information contained in the podcast and on this Website does not constitute medical or legal advice and should never be a substitute for diagnosis, treatment, or professional services. Such matters should only be provided by licensed professionals during the course of an individual, private consultation.


The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed are those of the podcast host and his guests and may not reflect the views or opinions of anyone associated with PAIN POLITICS, CERPSA, the CNDC, and any of our sponsors or donors.  You can find out more about our policy concerning donations and sponsorship by clicking here.


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