At CERPSA, we want to improve people's lives by improving the way governments control drugs.


Although we have decades of experience in pain treatment, policy, and prevention, we only just launched our nonprofit organization and website in December of 2019.  Consequently, our current efforts are focused on education, podcast development, press interviews, marketing, grant inquiries, and raising funds to enable us to conduct research, build capacity, and make the results of our research accessible to a broad audience.


We believe that drug control policies need to do a better job of ensuring safe access to palliative medicines and treatments that can improve people’s lives. Preventing the misuse and abuse of drugs is important, but access and prevention are not zero-sum games. Safe access to drugs that relieve suffering remains just as important as preventing abuse, and efforts that focus only on prevention often lead to more pain, harmful self-medication, and more suffering.


We wish to thank the many people that support our mission, are donating to our cause, and are helping us raise funds in various ways. With your continued support, CERPSA can grow from an all-volunteer staff, expand our capacity, and provide governments and communities a new and compassionate way forward in drug control policy.

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