Donation and Sponsorship Policy

Donation, Sponsorship, and Independence


Our mission to reduce unnecessary human suffering and improve the way pain is treated and legal drugs are controlled is a charitable one.


We welcome donations and sponsorship to carry out our mission, a mission that involves research, education, and outreach. But whether we are conducting empirical research, creating a podcast, or publishing our work, there is an understandable need for us to maintain independence. Consequently, any contributions that are received, whether in the form donations, subscriptions, or sponsorship, must be understandably free from influence. While corporate sponsorship is common throughout the United States, from national sporting events to local communities, corporate sponsorship involving pharmaceutical companies, like those who manufacture opioids, has raised some concerns. However, it is important to note that the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to require certain drug manufacturers to sponsor educational programs pursuant to the FDA’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) program. These FDA mandated expenditures of course require that the education and content that is supported from that funding not be subject to influence or control by the sponsor. Our policy is consistent with that prohibition. Moreover, an additional and important distinction is that CERPSA is a think and do tank, the website and podcast does not provide or recommend legal or medical advice, and neither the podcast host nor the CERPSA board members have prescribing authority. Although two of our current CERPSA board members are healthcare professionals, only one is a physician, and is retired from the practice of medicine.


Consequently, our donation and sponsorship policy are as follows:


We appreciate your sponsorship or donation to Pain Politics/CERPSA. We welcome a diverse group of sponsors and donors with different positions on issues because balanced and informed public policy results when all stakeholders can be heard and can participate. Please know, however, that donations and sponsorship contributions cannot entitle a sponsor to direct or influence our policies or activities, and Pain Politics/CERPSA can and shall take any position or action it deems advisable on any issue before it, including positions adverse to the position taken by one or more sponsors.


Pain Politics is a podcast that is produced by the Center for Effective Regulatory Policy and Safe Access (CERPSA), a non-profit project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center.

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